Support us!

Support our work and the running and development of the Gulag Online museum, as well as other projects, with financial donations of any size. You can contribute regularly or just once at the bank account given. It’s also easy to contribute via PayPal or using a payment card. Your support means a great deal to us. Thank you!

What are you supporting with your contribution?

If you decide to support us with a financial contribution, you will primarily be helping us with the further development of the Gulag Online virtual museum. Your contributions will be used for the following purposes (you can select which particular ones they go toward):

Running the website

Gulag Online is a rather demanding application that requires a large amount of space on rented servers and programming maintenance. In this way, you will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the entire project.

Putting together more life stories

Linking the story of a person persecuted in the USSR to the map application, translation of their story into more languages. Your contribution will help to bring the fate of prisoners closer to the people around the world.

Processing of satellite images

Purchasing and processing current and archival satellite imagery, that can help identify more places where remnants of Gulag camps are located; in this way you will help document previously unmapped locations.

Technological development

The acquisition of the technology required for detailed research and the subsequent processing of its results using IT technologies. In this way you can help us process and present the results of our future work.

Educational programme

Your contribution will help us focus on educational programmes that will introduce the issue of Soviet repression to the general public (lectures, exhibitions).


Our aim is to translate all the texts and output created within Gulag Online into two other languages (English, Russia). Your contribution will make this possible.