Projects of the Civic Association

Apart from the virtual museum of the Gulag the independent association participates in several other projects which it had initiated or have been implementing them together with other associations.

501/503 The Dead Road

Salekhard - Igarka

The Dead Road documenting the Gulag construction site 501 and 503, Salekhard - Igarka Railway known today as the Dead Road. In the years of 1947 - 1953 the Gulag system inmates had been constructing railway in the polar area of northern Siberia which had been meant to be nearly 1500 kilometers long. After the death of Stalin the construction had been halted; the camps along the railway had been abandoned and today - untouched

in the hostile and remote swampy tundra - they have served as a kind of fascinating and authentic outdoor museum of the Gulag. There we have been collecting materials for the virtual museum. The expeditions to the Dead Road initiated by the association chairman Štěpán Černoušek are covered by website (in Czech only) also focusing on the topics of living conditions in the area and indigenous peoples of Siberia.

8 Heads of Madness

Movie of Marta Novakova

Soviet Russia, 1921. The young poet Anna Barkova is to embark on a starry carrier, her first collection has just been published and she is believed to become the greatest Russian poet, overshadowing event the great Pushkin. A few years later, however, Anna sits in a crowded cattle truck heading for the barren steppes of Kazakhstan. This will not be her only journey and only camp. The poet Anna Barkova (1906-1976) spent 22 years of her life in the Gulag. Besides the strong story of one life, the film brings

breathtaking vistas of snowy plains behind the polar circle, playful animated inserts, pseudo-documentary footage and, thank to the original storytelling, a number of surprises. For the director of the feature and a association member Marta Nováková the first two expeditions to the Dead Road served as a “Gulag reconnaissance tours” for the making of her film. Starring Aneta Langerová the film will be released in 2015.

Central European Memory of the Gulag

International project

international project funded by The International Visegrad Fund (odkaz na enables deeper cooperation of Central Europe states in the field of Gulag studies. The virtual museum of the Gulag opens the possibility of sharing references and experiences from the projects documenting the stories of Czech, Polish and Hungarian citizens who

endured the Gulag. The partners of the project are The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (Czech republic), the Nation’s Memory Institute (Slovakia), the Institute of National Remembrance (Poland) and the Német Kör institute (Hungary).

Czechoslovaks in the Gulag

Výzkum a nahrávky pamětníků

Project of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes project whose authors (Adam Hradilek, Jan Dvořák, Štěpán Černoušek) are simultaneously members of the independent association. Since 2009 we have been collecting testimonies of witnesses from former Czechoslovakia – the people who went through the Gulag camps system. In the course of time the project expanded to include activities such as research in archives in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia; the stand-alone exhibition and recently, we are negotiating with Czech Television in order to create a documentary series of the same title.

Projects website

1968 Theatre Project

Česko-ruský pohled na invazi

the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw pact forces in August 1968 and its contemporary perspective of Czechs and Russians are the main themes of the collective Czech-Russian theatrical project which should result in a theatre play by Czech and Russian dramatists reflecting the August 1968 events but also the contemporary stereotypes of each other held by Russians and Czechs today. The project was initiated by Russian documentary theatre Teatr.doc and The Memorial Society; on the Czech side Tereza Krčálová is in charge of the organization of the project in cooperation with the Studio Hrdinů theatre and the independent association.