Expedition 2011

In March and April we set off for the western part of the Dead Road. We first reached the city of Nadym, where we spent six days waiting for a snow transporter capable of following what is left of the railroad. In just one day we covered the 350-kilometre stretch between Nadym and Salekhard, passing the remains of tracks and Gulag camps. Though we did not have time for a detailed exploration of individual labour camps or artefacts of the railroad, we did see a great deal of them. Marshes make that section inaccessible by car in summer.

Click here for comprehensive photography galleries in three themed collections: Dead Road no. 501, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug a Nenets.

Expedition members by their Vezdechod. From left: Petra Černoušková (Murycová), Marta Nováková, Martin Škoda and Štěpán Černoušek.