Russia's Soviet Legacy: Discussion with Memorial Society

February 14, 2020

Memorial in Moscow, in the latest series of court proceedings, was fined over five million rubles for alleged failure to include information on a list of foreign agents on its social networks. The date of the verdict of the unjustly imprisoned historian Yuri Dmitrijev, who discovered the execution of the victims of the Great Terror in Sandarmokh, is approaching. Memorial in Perm, local authorities tried to liquidate in the autumn by fining it for illegal logging - in fact, for cleaning the old abandoned cemetery near the village where Stalin deported Lithuanians and Poles. And the situation around the unique Perm-36 museum built on the site of a former labor camp.

All this were the topics of the discussion, which was held on Monday, February 10, 7 pm at the Skautsky Institut on the Old Town Square in Prague, which we organized together with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Memorial Association. It was attended by Yan Rachinsky (Memorial Moscow and Chairman of the Board of the International Memorial), Dmitry Pritykin (Memorial St. Petersburg), Robert Latypov (Memorial Perm) and Tatiana Kursina, founder of the Perm-36 Museum.

More photos (author: Kristýna Sluková) you can find HERE.