We have launched 3D gallery of objects from the Gulag

Objects of Gulag prisoners' daily life – shoes, hats, serving bowls, spoons, a bread pan, a hand-made colander, and many more – can be viewed now as three-dimensional models in a newly opened 3D gallery.

You can access the gallery in our virtual museum Gulag.online as well as separately on a Sketchfab profile. 3D models can be thoroughly examined from different angles of view; even the smallest details are clearly visible – it is easy to recognize the materials used in their production or the original inscriptions. They bring us closer to the everyday reality in the Gulag camps.

All models were created using image-based modelling (SfM photogrammetry) when every object is carefully photographed from all sides. One of the advantages of this method is that we can document the items in situ – In the place where they are situated without relocating them. This collection comes from our expeditions to the so-called Dead Road and the Marble Gorge; we will gradually add more objects and expand our depository.